When you are suffering from a Varicocele problem, we are the Homoeopathic treatment  provider for your need. Our Dr K.R.VASUDEVAN., provide Homoeopathic treatment for the range of Low sperm count and motility, Azoosoermia, Impotency and Varicocele without Surgery.
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Varicocele  is an abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform venous plexus in the scrotum. This plexus of veins drains the testicles. The testicular blood vessels originate in the lower abdomen and runs down through the inguinal canal as part of the spermatic cord on their way to reach the testicles. A smaller one-way valves in the veins prevent the backflow of deoxygenated blood. Defects (or) abnormalities in the veins valves, or pressure on the vein by the adjacent structure, can lead to dilatation of the testicular veins near the testis, leading to the condition of a varicocele.


  • Main and Primary causes of varicocele is minor injury. A unnoticed injury at testis due to riding in vehicles(two-wheeler or four-wheeler) may lead to the varicocele problem
  • Secondary varicocele is the pressure upon the veins by the surrounding structure whether it may be any malignancy or benign tumour produce varicocele problem.
  • Major cause is IDIOPATHIC, means unknown cause.
  • Varicocele may develop slowly, sometimes it may asymptomatic. It occurs in 15 % to 20% of males, and it is the main causes(not the exact one) causes for male infertility.

Signs and Symptoms

  1. Sensation of Heaviness in Testicular area.
  2. Dragging sensation
  3. Swelling at the site of testis.
  4. Prominent veins are seen
  5. Testicular atrophy (if untreated).

Homoeopathic treatment for varicocele:-.

Most of the male infertility problem is due to varicocele. Homoeopathic treatment for varicocele without surgery shows the marked improvement in parameters of semen, both total count and motility.

When a person diagnosed as varicocele, usually the testicles are hot and painful to touch. Pain may also come very long-standing sitting position. You can take the Homoeopathic treatment from us, it show the marked improvement in your presenting complaints without going any unwanted varicocele surgery. Our Homoeopathic treatment for varicocele is clinically proven in varicocele patients by improvement in his sperm count and motility. The pains of varicocele will gradually goes off during the course of Homoeopathic treatment for varicocele without surgery.

All varicocele Patients, please remember,


Varicocele can be harmless, but in many cases it can cause infertility and pain. Although  there are studies showing that the regular surgery has no significant effect on infertility. Thus the surgery may not improve fertility( Non-invasive(without penetrating) treatment is advisable.

 Varicocele problem is solvable one under our homoeopathic medications without going for UNWANTED SURGERY. No need to go for operation. Only the liquid and sweet homoeopathic pills will do the positive effects of varicocele WITHOUT KNIFE you will get benefit in varicocele problems. Most of the varicocele affected patients are having much regarding our homoeopathic treatment for varicocele. How the varicocele solved  by homoeopathic treatment? Varicocele patients get confused in this stage. In our homoeopathic medication,  it improves the healthier blood circulation by reducing  the local congestions, swelling and pain. 

Why should I go for Homoeopathic treatment for “VARICOCELE”:

a) No surgery. Only homoeopathic medicines are given to solve the varicocele problem.

b) Homoeopathic medicines are free from unwanted side effects.

c) Surgeries generally costs may vary from $4000.00 to $20000.

d) There is more chance that the varicocele can reoccur after surgical treatment. This is another reason, why someone who has gone thro’ varicocele surgery, realize  that varicocele is reoccurring (Feel the heat, heaviness, dragging pain in testis), should consider Homoeopathic treatment without going for surgery. 

e) Surgery may result in few complications, which are rare. Homoeopathic medicines are harmless  and it is very easy to administer.