Dear Dr. Vasu
After my 6 months treatment with anitibiotics for White Blood Cells in my semen, followed by 6 months treatment with your homeopathic medicines for varicocele, impotence and infertility and subsequent 2 month allopathic treament of my wife, she conceived finally. We are very much happy for such maracle. One year back we were very much disappointed but now your treatment has brought such happy moments in our life.




Dear Dr Vasu,
Today I repeated my semen analysis. 2,5 months elapsed from 1st analysis. During this period I ordered 2 bottles of ultra  varicocele relief from  malefertilitystore for testing purpose and finished  to take it. I don’t  know – is it merit of your medicine or a little miracle happened, but semen  analysis showed much better results except some  parameters:  Last time semen parameters were: Quantity – 6 ml (normal 2-6)  ph – 7 (normal 7,2-8,0)  Count – 1 million/ml (normal > 20 millions)  Total count – 6 million/ejaculate (normal > 40 millions/ejaculate)  Motility: (normal A > 25% or A+B > 50%) A (active) – 0% B (sluggish) – 40%  C – 20% D – 40% Now semens reports looks so:  Quantity – 3,5 ml (normal 2-6) ph – 8,5 (normal 7,2-8,0) Count – 8 million/ml (normal > 20 millions) Total count – 28 million/ejaculate (normal > 40  millions/ejaculate)  Motility: (normal A > 25% or A+B > 50%) A (active) – 12% B (sluggish) – 38% C – 25% D – 25%.  I don’t know, why quantity and ph was changed so distictly, but other parameters are much better. Now I am waiting for your medicines, you sent to me. Strange, but in Lithuania nobody (even urologists) knows about varicocele treatment without surgery. I think that you do great job.
Kind regards.


Hello Dr. Vasudevan,
We got the Semen analysis done for my husband in January 2012. Below are the results Semen Analysis Gross Examination Colour  Whitish, Reaction  Alkaline, Volume  1.0ml, Liquefaction time 1 hr 30 minutes Chemical Examination  Fructose  present, Microscopy Sperm Count 64 Million/ml, Motility (1hr)  motile 60%, Sluggish 10% Immotile 30%, Morphology Normal The consulting doctor said that the reports are normal. The volume was actually 2ml as they divided the sample for 2 tests. As compared to before, the sperm count and morphology have improved. I am thankful to you that the medicines are seeming to work. 


Dear Dr. Vasudevan,
Sorry for late reply. Thank you so much Doctor, now my wife is pregnant. You are absolutely right motility is important not the count. We shouldn’t consider much about the total quantity. Those medicines work very well to me and it improved a lot. Actually we went hospital to examine the Thyroid to my wife but we got notice that she got conceived. We got surprised and we were very happy. We didn’t think it will happens this soon with my result. But it happened like a miracle to us. We are so happy and very thankful for your help. We appreciate your medicine which cures the vericocele without any operation. Thank you very much again.

Bangalore, INDIA.

Hi there to all Varicoceleians !
Don’t despair if you have this problem of Varicocele. Let me share my experience with this painful desease.I’m 29 yrs of age and happily married.The problem started when i was diagnosed with a Bilateral Varicocele ie;two sided during 2004. Initially when i consulted the doctor for it’s remedy,he said that it was Asymptomatic and need not worry, but as time passed by it started getting worse and in a span of 6 months it was worse and the doctor gave me an option for a Laprscopic surgery but also said that there are no 100% chances that my sperm count would improve after the surgery but the chances of recurrence of varicocele is bleak. I still went for it mainly to get rid from that dragging & throbbing pain in my scrotum & groin areas.
It was ok for three months & then the pain started again.When i got a scrotum scan done it was showing Bilateral Varicoceles again. One more thing the doctor did post operation was he had prescribed me three kinds of Ayurvedic Pills for enhancement of my sperm count.
Believe me my story with Male Fertility store & Dr.Vasu starts from here,other wise even i was a person who had never believed in Homoeopathy & Ayurvedic medicines. I never thought it would work so intensively,While browsing when i found about Male Fertily Store I requested for Dr.Vasu’s contact details as i also live in India.It was given to me instantly by this store. I’m under Dr.Vasu’s medication from past three months and this medicine is working wonders on me.There’s a significant change in the symptoms & pain i get every day. I’m sure with 3 – 4 more months of this medication & proper diet i should be able to get rid of this problem.Would also recommend to do some Yoga,swimming along with medication.It should help to
completely get rid of this problem. !!!Cheers to Dr.Vasu!!! May God bless him with all the happiness to him & his family.


Hello Doctor
Firstly I would thank you for the medicine and support. We are blessed and yes SV is pregnant now. I would take privilege to thank you and would like to remember you forever.
“Kallathinal seitha uthavi sirutheninum
Gnalathin Maanap peridhu”

I am sorry to inform you bit late as we did need to confirm with doctor after 60 days and it was really an happy and surprise.


Dear Doctor
After coming back from South Africa, I had continued with the medication.
It was observed that, my wife skipped her period for the month of February and March. So I took her to hospital on April 4th. It was found during medical examination that, she is about 10 weeks pregnant. This was a very good news for us. We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping us achieve this. Thanks very much. I always knew that Homeopathy was very powerful, since my father and myself use homeopathic medicines for the all common ailments such as cold, leg aches, head aches etc, and it has not failed us till now. In addition, when I had some breathing problems (just like asthma), it was cured by an allopathic doctor using Homeopathy medicines.
In addition, this current experience has taught us that Homeopathy is much more powerful. My wife was doubting the power of Homeopathy till now. But now she too believes in the power of Homeopathy. I have medicines remaining from the previous prescription. Please advise as to whether I should continue with that? At present, I am taking the medicines. In addition, I need to clarify one another doubt. One of my friends wife is suffering from PCOD. Is there Homeopathic treatment for that? If so, can you give us the contact details of a homeopathic doctor.


Dear Dr Vasu,
I have good news to share with you. My wife is pregnant and she is due in May. Thanks a lot for your advise and help!


Dear Doctor,
How are you doing ? Hope u fine.My schedule to come to india is in the month of May.2010.
I am feeling good now as compared before.I have still small medicines left from last course,can i take now or how?
one good news is we got baby (boy) recently. Also another issue is Mother of one of my friend (in Qatar) has water leakage problem in her knee (right leg),they consulted doctor,they suggested either to make surgery or take pain killer tabs.
What you suggest,do you have any medicines ?
Thanks and regards.