when you are suffering from an Impotency problem, we are the Homoeopathic treatment provider for your need. Our Dr K.R.VASUDEVAN., provide Homoeopathic treatment for the range of Low sperm count and motility, Azoosoermia, Impotency and Varicocele without Surgery.
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Nowadays become pregnant is a very challenging one. Causes are either may be from one partner or both are responsible for infertility. Homoeopathic treatments are highly effective for the chances of getting pregnant. Homoeopathic medicines are a safe and effective treatment to overcome your infertility problem.

Infertility is defined as the inability to get the child more than one year of regular, without any protected intercourse.
Infertility is divided into 2 categories.

Primary infertility – means the woman who has not to get pregnant.
Secondary infertility – means the woman who has the child earlier, but in later she can’t give the child. Infertility is not limited to the male alone (or) not limited to the female alone. But the main and major cause for infertility is malefactors

Causes of infertility in Men

Low Sperm Count & Motility (Oligospermia)

The man ejaculates a lower number of sperm, compared to other men.

Nil sperm count (Azoospermia)

When the man ejaculates there is no sperm in the semen.

Low sperm mobility (motility)

The sperm cannot “swim” as well as it should.

Abnormal morphology of sperm

The shape and size of the sperm is abnormal, not in usual.

Following factor which may affect the sperm production:

Underdeveloped testis, undescended testis, infections at testis, mumps, testicular cancer, testicular surgery hormonal imbalance, exposure to overheating (or) radiation at testits (this may be found in persons who are working in that similar environment), varicocele, wearing very tight undergarments, improperly very poor diet, the habit of smoking and alcohol intake.

Apart from the above causes, the final cause is the important causative factor for male infertility, which is MIND. In male infertility treatment, most of the doctors are not looking for this mental symptom of the patients. They only look for laboratory reports(semen analysis) to start treatment for infertility. But the MIND knows all the things. So, we consider the mental state of the infertility patients during our homoeopathic medications.

Now you have one doubt in your mind? How the MIND state affects the physical state. Emotions such as anger, stress, depressions, anxiety which leads to affect sexual passion, which may lead to poor erection, premature ejaculation ( semen comes out very quickly), loss of libido. Even though if you having the sperm count is within normal range, you can’t pregnant with your wife without Mental health.

So, mental health is most important than physical health. Infertile couples blamed by another person leads to affect the mental state of the couples.
Both the husband and wife’s mental state is needed in the same energy level during the infertility treatment, both are thinking about fertility at the time of sexual relationship with each other. The mechanical sexual relationship can’t give positive results. Infertile couples lose their hopes because of the previous failure from the treatment. But in our homoeopathic medications, you will get well in mental as well as physical state. Simply say, positive thinking is much important.

Nowadays the medical science accepts, stress is the common cause of all chronic diseases which it is manifest externally as physical symptoms. So, the mind and body need in a healthy state. Because of the stress, the body nerves are more excited, which leads to affect the harmonious flow of hormones, that end result becomes disease like infertility, etc.


  • Avoid smoking. Better to kick your habit of smoking during fertility treatment.
  • Think before using alcohol.
  • Treatment is necessary for underlying causes of male infertility.
  • Frequent sex during ovulation time.
  • Avoid too much intake of spicy and salty goods.
  • Add green vegetable to your daily diet.
  • The work environment should be free from chemicals.
  • Normal body weight should be maintain.
  • Free from any infectious disease.
  • Free from any mental stress, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Too much intake of coffee should be avoided.
  • Over exercise (or) Lack of exercise not helpful for male infertility.
  • Moderate exercises are beneficial.
  • Avoid junk foods and packed food items.
  • Proper position of sex(consult with your physician).