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Homeopathy is the one of the  system of medicine which gives more preference to the varicocele affected patients.
Before going to treatment side, initial consultation with doctor via mail (or) phone is must.     Initally we discuss with the patient in all aspects of his disease. Then we can proceed suitable  plan of treatment for him, with homeopathic medicines.

The course of the treatment depends on patient’s presenting complaints. It vary from one patient to another patient. However Homoeopathic Medicines, even if you taken for long period, it can’t  create any  habit formation. Since  Homoeopathic Medicines help to improve the body own immunity . Always advisable to follow the treatment plan according to the doctor’s advice. 

Usually  we advice the patient to avoid too much intake of spicy and salty foods, etc.
If the patients has complaint that he is suffered by certain type of food adversely e.g. a varicocele  patient may have problems from taking gaseous foods, such as potatoes,e tc.,  may worsen the pain of varicocele problem. So it is advisable to avoid these substances in the initial phase of treatment. Once the treatment starts showing marked results you can inquire the doctor about to trying these food items which previously causing problems.

All patients are always welcome to our clinic. If you can’t come there, then the mail (or) phone communications are enough to proceed for your treatment.

Once you willing to start Homoeopathic treatment for varicocele without surgery, you should send the amount. Mode of remittance of amount is detailed in the Payment Page.

After receiving your payment, medicines will be prepare as per your needs. It will be send to you via speed post(or) registered post( for patients in out side INDIA) and by courier service (for patients within INDIA). Tracking number will be given to you once the medicines are dispatch from here.

Doctor’s primary duty is clarify the queries of his beloved patients. Yes, You can ask your querries to doctor via phone (or) mail. You can feel free to ask your doubts. I am pleased to answer your doubts.